Zero Turnover At Housekeeping Department

Case Study: A luxury hotel in Singapore

Retaining hotel staff especially room attendants for hotels has always been a challenge for hotels as the demand is often more than supply. Recruiting or outsource experienced room attendants have become a competition among hotels and this affects not only the quality of room cleanliness or service consistency, but also, managing labour cost.

The Solution:
Esther Lee – our Consultant, has successfully developed and introduced MyHomemaker Program. An incentive programme designed to motivate room attendants in the hotel through the housekeeping department. The programme offered monetary rewards as well as recognition, an intrinsic need that is often overlooked in hotels with good occupancy level. With the program implementation, hotels can safely transform it’s housekeeping department to striking a balance between growing talents, offer comprehensive trainings, managing cost efficiency and achieve quality and consistent guests experience.

The Outcome:
After 3 months of Esther’s leadership in implementing this special programme, the hotel achieved zero turnover of room attendants. The room attendants also felt that finally, they were appreciated being a back-of-the house team and, in return encouraged other room attendants to also raise the bar on their own performance. Using our programme, the floor supervisors can also prioritise their time to focus on more pressing issues. Interestingly, since the hotel rooms are self-inspected and released by the room attendants themselves, the hotel have more vacant rooms available for swift guests check-in and quality set-up.