Achieved US$18 Million Food & Beverage Revenues In Unique Destination

Case Study: Meeting Owner’s expectations and trust in Mongolia

The Owner needed an experienced consultant to help them deliver an US$18 million F&B project at the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. They needed a strong dining concept for their two restaurants including conceptualising, develop sound business planning which covers both the financial returns to operations efficiency.

The Solution:
Massimo Gavina – our Senior Consultant, worked closely with the business owners and created a visionary concept for the restaurants despite the language barrier (the CEO of the group spoke no English). He also gave valuable advice in choosing suppliers, involved in the training of restaurant staffs and worked within the budgeted financials from start to finish while adhered strictly to the project timeline.

The Outcome:
The US$18 million F&B project was launched on time with significant success. The client wrote a glowing recommendation and testimonial for the consultation and expertise as well as, Massimo’s hands-on knowledge shared with the employees of this project.