Hit USD 2.1 Million Incremental Revenues During The Global Covid-19 Pandemic Period

October, 2020

ThriveOn Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd led another successful milestone for one of its key Client, Radisson Hotel Group, Asia-Pacific Office from April till October, 2020. It was a pursuit to rebuild commercial wins to overcome the coronavirus-19 crisis in support to their China Hotels.

This project includes delivering 6 training modules, as well as, initiate on-site sales campaign at key cities. Objective was to lead, facilitate and train Client’s Hotel Sales and Marketing teams to effectively regain their short to mid-term performances.

The deliveries hit a significant mark of USD 2.1 million incremental revenues from the sales campaign (launched end June till September only). While, the 6 tailor-made training modules helped regain team’s confidence and upgrading of skills to overcome the challenging business environment.

Overall, a project with promising and satisfying outcome for both the Client, their teams and ThriveOn Consulting.