Commercial Solutions

Optimise Your Revenue Potential

Your business landscape is evolving rapidly and travellers and tourists are getting more sophisticated with their wants and needs. Our aim is to assist your hotel, resort or tourism organisation in exploring, reimagining and optimising your revenue potential based on the ever-changing environment of today. We partner with you to arrive at solutions for change, innovation and transformation.

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Sales and Commercial Deliveries

You may need this if you are embarking on the development and marketing of a new business portfolio or destination. Or perhaps you already manage a hotel or resort and would like to rejuvenate stagnant sales and ramp up your team’s sales performance. Our sales and commercial delivery offerings include:

  • Develop a new business portfolio or destination
  • Business planning to escalate performance and effectiveness to drive return of investment and profits
  • Design, strategize and embed short to long term business plans (including sales initiatives)
  • Reshape and rebuild assets’ performance with ability to turnaround business level
  • Form, restructure or redeploy organizational structure to ensure the relevant resources are incorporated to deliver optimal performance.
  • Sales audit of your Sales & Marketing/Commercial Department
hotel revenue management

Revenue Management

Effective hotel revenue management is crucial to the success of any hotel or tourist destination. If your revenue isn’t increasing or if you find a mismatch between what you offer and what your customers need, we are able to assist. Our expertise is in applying discipline and analytics to help you optimize revenue growth. These include:

  • Locating gaps where revenue isn’t fully optimised and recommend solutions for total revenue optimisation
  • Exploring your business mix potential including target audiences
  • Auditing your current revenue management (full or partial)
tourism marketing communication

Marketing Communication

Marketing communication within the hospitality and tourism industry is intricate. The marketing communication professional within a hospitality environment such as a hotel, resort or tourist destination needs to be familiar with the different segments of people who travel, their unique needs and how to reach out to them with the right messaging. If you have needs in this area, we are able to assist you in your strategic communications from planning to implementation.

  • Develop a marketing communication plan to enhance your brand and align with sales initiatives to boost revenue potential
  • Plan your marketing campaigns and events
  • Rebuild your brand value which may have eroded throughout the years due to increasing competition
  • Conceptualize a new brand with brand values, positioning and marketing collateral
digital marketing for hotels

Digital Marketing &

Digital marketing is where the hospitality and tourism industry needs to pay special attention to. From managing your social media to running online campaigns and more, you need to have experts at your side to advise you what to do and more importantly, what not to do. If your business is still transacted the traditional way and you are not online to reach out to a savvier, younger generation of customers and travellers, you are losing out on a huge revenue opportunity. We can support you in these areas and more:

  • Develop a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy to support your organisation’s needs
  • Plan your online campaigns and marketing

We have a team of experts who can spend time to evaluate your needs and create tailor-made solutions, helping you, your team and your organisation – hotel, resort and tourism project – get off the ground successfully. We implement this through business planning, brand re-positioning, marketing or commercial strategies, analyzing market research and industry data, competitor research and advisory services.

If your business is already established however, with the constant change of business landscape, you might need a refreshed positioning, crafting out new guests experience to revamp your profitability.  To this end, we can offer combined commercial and operations consulting including a full or partial audit to identify gaps and explore new opportunities. You can also expect support from the perspective of creating new concepts, putting standard operating procedures in place, training or coaching your teams. Contact us for a complimentary 30-minute review. 

While we are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our team is mobile with project assignments at any cities or location throughout Asia. All we need is that the project is a “profile fit” for us to deliver escalated value to you and your organisation.

Certainly. We have a complimentary 30-minute consultation over the phone/online platform if you’d like to speak to us. Email us today at to schedule your consultation.

Yes, definitely. First thing is for us to set-up an online call where we will evaluate your needs and pain points. We can then review the scope of job or assignments you would like us to lead or even appoint a task force and experts to assist you. Once we understand your needs, we can assist you to build a solution road map from the pre-opening up to a successful opening period.

We can step in to help you with task force assignments where we fill the gap temporarily while you double up your recruitment efforts. It is never easy finding quality executive personnel who are capable and experienced but we can relieve you of this problem temporarily. However, if your company is planning to reduce your fixed executive labour costs, we can work with you on a periodical ‘Scheduled Task Force’ person/s with an agreed tailor-made jobscope and measurements.

First things first, do you have an experienced person to conduct the market research/data, experienced enough to analyse the gaps and areas of opportunities or a  project manager who is dedicated enough to lead and orchestrate the possible change or transformation with all key stakeholders or teams?

If you don’t have any of the above, you would do well to appoint an experienced consulting company to support your needs as they will help you carry out this project from the beginning till end.

When was the last time you reviewed your hotel positioning? 

Also, consider if your current commercial and operational organisation structure including job descriptions and goals match the current needs of your customers. If you have been losing customers, your structure is most likely outdated and needs to be revamped. 

You may also want to consider developing a loyalty programme if you don’t have one. If you have one, you need to refresh its offers and benefits because customers’ needs are changing quickly!

What about your guest experience the moment they step into your hotel? Do you know areas to improve if guest satisfaction is lower than usual? 

Has your team figured out a defense or brickwall strategy to protect your market share? Have you considered new and niche markets for your hotel? 

When was the last time you did a comprehensive commercial and operations audit to see if your hotel is properly managed? 

You need fresh eyes to help you see what you already are too jaded to see. We can be at your service. Contact us for a confidential discussion today. 

Before we take up any project or assignment, we will need to speak with you, the decision maker or your key executives first to understand your pain points, concerns, observation and needs. This way, we can be assured there’s clarity, understanding, aligned expectations and profile fit from both ends. One can call this an interview.

We do work on tourism projects as part of community work and we deliver the full project management under agreed terms as well as offer two sessions of complimentary after service audit to ensure the community and key stakeholders see the value of the new positioning (appropriate travel arrangements and accommodation will be fully borne by the client).

When your company agrees to appoint us, you will be paired with the best fitting and  experienced consultant for your project. 

You will receive our proposal and quotation and we require a ‘get-to-know’ session online between you and our consultant. 

If refreshing your destination is key, we will work with your team to review the destination gaps, barriers and opportunities. This may cover marketing campaigns, digital engagements, sales initiatives, designs of marketing materials or even to go as far as looking at reviewing potential community work, incorporating local cultural touch points.

We will also assist you to facilitate discussions and brainstorm with your potential key sponsors and strategic partners to gain relevant investments or support. Ultimately, we work with you to bring out the best in your destination. 

It’s good that you are sharp enough to see a problem and know when you need help. Change or transformation is needed especially when you face issues.

Our clearest difference is that all our consultants have between 15 to 30 years of experience in key positions related to their field of expertise.

Instead of sending an inexperienced team, our consultants will immediately show you what’s missing and can give you insights based off your data. They are more than able to communicate on the areas of improvement to move forward with your stakeholders.

Based on your needs, we will develop an audit checklist to cover areas such as sales and revenue management, digital marketing/e-commerce, marketing communications, meetings and events and public relations and even your staff recognition programme to see if it’s still effective.

We focus on the right data and measurement to change.  Ultimately, our efforts are directed at strategies and actions that deliver the agreed outcomes.

If needed, we may also conduct teambuilding for your people to understand how to motivate your team for further growth.

As change transformation is a journey which requires commitment and engagement of key stakeholders/team, we will equip your team with the right tools, tracking format and standard operating materials to ensure implementation or deliveries sticks.

Upon completion of this project, ThriveOn Consulting will conduct 2 sessions of the after service catch-up within a one-year period. It can be  on-site or off-site or online, to ensure your team is on track and growing your business share.

The China market is the lowest hanging fruit for Asia. Research has shown that the Chinese market is the market to tap into for the next 10 to 15 years.  Whether you are an investor, tourism bureau leader or hotelier, you should be embracing this market wholeheartedly as there is so much value in terms of revenue, profit, tourism potential, eco-tourism and culinary potential, cultural destination and even attracting them with the idea of owning a second home at your destination. 

Chinese travelers are always eager to explore new uncharted cities and countries as their lifestyle and needs have changed over the years. Besides, there is a growing percentage of the new middle class, ready and willing to embrace new adventures. Our team has the ‘China Experience’ hence we can help you navigate and develop this market whether you have an existing product at your destination or a need to build a new business/product in China.

We’re products of the hospitality environment that we’ve worked in for decades. All of us started from the lowest ranks and worked our way up to senior roles before we became consultants. It is a well-known fact that if you’re not resilient, agile to adapt and adopt or tough enough, the hospitality industry is not for you. In view of this, we need to be tenacious yet diplomatic enough to excel in this field as at the end of the day, it is a “people business”! Our team with more than 150 years of combined hospitality passion and experience is here to provide you with commercial, operations and investors’ solutions. We will stand alongside you in creating sustainable positioning for your hotel, resort or tourist destination in the market. ThriveOn Consulting is about living its philosophy of ‘THINK BIG AND LIVE IT’!

Contact us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to find out what’s possible for your business.